About Us

Who We Are

Digital Bureau is a leading New York-based digital solutions firm specializing in web and mobile project and product management, development and quality assurance. We help media, publishing, entertainment and consumer businesses meticulously deliver on requirements as we focus on assertive, profitable and on-time solutions to ignite growth. Digital Bureau will improve the quality of your team, your process, and your product. It is all about exacting executions.

Our History

Digital Bureau was created to ignite the discovery of fresh, relevant and game-changing digital solutions, products of a high-performing team of battle-tested professionals. Industry pros that understand the vast difference between talking the talk, and walking the walk, and viewing each project as the next synergistic opportunity to learn, invent and deliver products that exceed expectations.

Stating that Digital Bureau is deeply-rooted in the digital world is a vast understatement, as our digital origins can be traced to the modern web’s infancy. Much of the functionality and features we take for granted today, not long ago were disruptive breakthroughs that were pioneered by design and hands-on implementation of digital solutions for many of the world’s most highly respected brands: Reuters, the NBA, Martha Stewart Living, Weight Watchers, Newsweek and Time among others. Each project has a critical common thread: an unequalled end-user experience. Committed to quality without compromise and the power of working collaboratively, saving time as it both strengthens and enhances teams.

Top Skills
Web Project Management
Technical Project Management
Agile Product Management
Responsive Web Development
Content Management Strategy and Implementation
Search Engine Strategy and Implementation
Global Product Strategy
Our Executive Team

Every Digital Bureau team member takes ownership, and is prepared to roll up his or her sleeves and jump in, wherever and whenever it’s needed, to do whatever needs doing. It’s our team’s way.

Founder / Senior Consultant