Daniel Vazquez

Founder / Senior Consultant
Daniel Vazquez naturally develops a strong, trusted bond with clients. Throughout his entire career he has demonstrated advanced leadership abilities, which ultimately led to the forming of Digital Bureau. Daniel’s unique ability to lead, empower and motivate people results in collaborative teams that are quick, capable and uniquely passionate.

As a digital expert, Daniel has worked extensively with publishing and media clients.  He provides expertise in mobile and web technologies, specializing in training, project planning, product management, project management and software development management.

As an independent consultant, Daniel managed a stream of complex technical solutions for various high-profile clients: Sony Music, Thomson Reuters, Time, Inc., Martha Stewart, and Newsweek/TheDailyBeast. He managed and mentored a team of 15 for WeightWatchers.com: programmers, leads, and technical project managers, and 5 engineers for NBA.com.


Daniel Vazquez

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